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Proceedings - Linux-Kongress 2009 und OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2009 in Dresden

GUUG e.V. (Autor)


GUUG e.V. | Lehmanns (Hersteller)

978-3-86541-358-1 (ISBN)


Table of contents:

Linux-Kongress 2009

Userspace Application Tracing

Jan Blunck, Mathieu Desnoyers, Pierre-Marc Fournierc 7

QEMU - The building block of Open Source Virtualization

Glauber Costa 15

Fighting regressions with git bisect

Christian Couder 21

View-OS: Change your View on Virtualization.

Renzo Davoli, Michael Goldweber 41

Improving disk I/O performance on Linux

Håvard Espeland et al. 61

Real-Time performance comparisons and improvements between 2.6 Linux Kernels

Gazment Gerdeci 71

LAX - a toolset for network administration

Thomas Groß 81

Pre-silicon software development of Linux MTD drivers

Gernot Hoyler 95

ext4, btrfs and the others

Jan Kára 99

Linux multi-core scalability

Andi Kleen 113

dmraid update

Heinz Mauelshagen 121

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? Structure and Trends of Open Unix Kernels

Wolfgang Mauerer 125

A generic architecture and extension of eCryptfs

André Osterhues et al. 149

System call tracing overhead

Jörg Zinke, Bettina Schnor, Simon Kiertscher 157

EDE, a light desktop environment, description and best practices

Sanel Zukan 167

OpenSolaris Developer Conference 2009

OpenSolaris on IBM System Z Hardware

Dr. David Boyes, Neale Ferguson 173

Alligator meets Terminator: Caiman and AI

Volker A. Brandt 213

Translation of OpenSolaris

Ales Cernosek, Jan Lána 217

Implementing a simple SMF Service: Lessons learned

Constantin Gonzalez 227

ZFS internal structures

Ulrich Gräf 241

Dead ends in multithreads application development

Zdenek Kotala 247

Network virtualisation using Crossbow technology

Uros Nedic 253

Source Juicer - A New Way to Build Solaris Software

Brian Nitz and Mark Duggan 265

Using DTrace for Gnome Performance Analysis

Krishnan Parthasarathi 273

ARM port of Opensolaris and its future!

Vineeth Pillai 279

Jumping to the next IPS level

Michal Pryc 285

Introduction to the Chime Visualization Tool for DTrace

Bill Rushmore 303

Greening the OpenSolaris Kernel

Eric Saxe 315

Learn to source juicer

Thomas Wagner 321

Imprint 332


Themenwelt Informatik Betriebssysteme / Server Unix / Linux
ISBN-10 3-86541-358-7 / 3865413587
ISBN-13 978-3-86541-358-1 / 9783865413581
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