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Linux-Kongress 2006 Tagungsband /Proceedings -

Linux-Kongress 2006 Tagungsband /Proceedings

13th International Linux System Technology Conference - September 2006 - Nürnberg

Ralf Spenneberg (Herausgeber)


179 Seiten

2006 | 1., Aufl.

Lehmanns (Verlag)

978-3-86541-170-9 (ISBN)


# Benchmarking, round 2: I/O performance
# Best Practices in Linux Kernel Testing
# Development in OpenOffice.org
# dm-raid45 - A Device-Mapper target for RAID4 and RAID5 mappings
# File System (Ext2) Optimization for Compressed loopback device
# iSCSI in Linux
# Linux as a Hypervisor
# Linux Clients in Microsoft Windows (ADS) Environments
# Linux HA v2 - One CRM to rule them all
# Linux on the Cell Broadband Engine
# Loading Linux faster: How to speed up the system start
# Managing enterprise data-centers with openQRM
# Playing BlueZ on the D-Bus
# Real-Time Linux
# Samba status update
# Securing Linux Desktops
# SELinux and AppArmor
# Smart Card Technology and Linux Integration
# Speeding Up Thread-Local Storage Access in Dynamic Liberaries in the ARM platform
# The openSUSE Build Service: building software for your Linux system
# Trusted Boot of HTTP-FUSE KNOPPIX
# Where is the kernel memory going? Memory usage in the 2.6 kernel


Sprache englisch; deutsch
Maße 300 x 200 mm
Einbandart Paperback
Themenwelt Informatik Betriebssysteme / Server Unix / Linux
Schlagworte Hardcover, Softcover / Informatik, EDV/Informatik • HC/Informatik, EDV/Informatik • Kongress • LINUX (Betriebssystem) • Nürnberg (2006)
ISBN-10 3-86541-170-3 / 3865411703
ISBN-13 978-3-86541-170-9 / 9783865411709
Zustand Neuware
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