UpTimes Sonderausgabe III/2007 -  GUUG e.V.

UpTimes Sonderausgabe III/2007

inkl. Proceedings LDAPcon 2007 und ECAI6

GUUG e.V. (Autor)


Lehmanns/GUUG e.V. (Hersteller)

978-3-86541-228-7 (ISBN)


Dieses Sonderheft der UpTimes (Mitgliederzeitschrift von GUUG e.V.) umfasst:

  • Proceedings/Tagungsband der LDAPcon: 1st International Conference on LDAP (September 2007 in Köln)
  • Proceedings/Tagungsband der ECAI6: European Conference on Applied IPv6 (September 2007 in Köln)

Table of Contents:

  1. Kleine Spielereien mit OpenLDAP (Dieter Klünter)
  2. OpenDS: not just yet another LDAP server! (Ludovic Poitou)
  3. Architecting the Modern LDAP Renaissance: The Apache Directory Vision (Alex Karasulu)
  4. A Reference Schema for LDAP-based Identity Management Systems (Frank Tröger and Prof. Dr. Klaus Meyer-Wegener)
  5. ACL Design behind IntegraTUM's Decentralized and Delegable Group Management
    (Daniel Pluta)
  6. Design of a Directory Tree (Giovanni Baruzzi)
  7. Apache Directory Studio, a new Open Source LDAP \& Directory Tooling Platform
    (Stefan Seelmann and Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot)
  8. Secrets of a Seamless Directory Backbone Service (Hilla Reynolds)
  9. Spring LDAP - Java LDAP Programming Made Simple (Mattias Arthursson)
  10. The Highs and Lows of Integrating LDAP with XML (Steven Legg)
  11. LDAP Proxy and Virtualization -- Requirements vs. Capabilities (Andre Posner and Cengiz Tuztas)
  12. LDAP Stored Procedures and Triggers in ApacheDS (Ersin Er)
  13. Scaling Directories, Design \& Deployment Considerations (Abdi Mohammadi and Robert Polster)
  14. The FederID project (Clément OUDOT)
  15. Moving LDAP writes to Web Services (Kostas Kalevras)
  16. IPv6 - Historical Overview and Technical Introduction (Hans Peter Dittler)
  17. IPv6 address distribution and address policy (Gert Döring)
  18. IPv6 Networks for different access technologies in different scenarios (Yuri Grosman)
  19. 7 years IPv6 at University and at home (experience report) (Ignatios
  20. Deployment of the IPv6-Infrastructure in DFN's Research Network (Bettina
  21. IPv6 in the Latin American Research Networks: Case UNAM-Mexico (Azael
  22. Experiences from within a multinational IPv6 \& QoS-Project (Martin Lies)
  23. Mobility in IPv6: Standards and Upcoming Trends (Thomas Schmidt)
  24. Applied IPv6 in VoIP technologies (Kilian Krause)
  25. Security aspects of IPv6 - A summary of what can be wrong (Christoph
    Wegener and Wilhelm Dolle)
  26. Status of open source and commercial IPv6 firewall implementations (Peter
  27. DebConf7 in Schottland (Henning Sprang)
  28. Frühling in Berlin (Snoopy)
  29. Autorenhinweise
  30. Über die GUUG
  31. Impressum


Themenwelt Mathematik / Informatik Informatik Netzwerke
ISBN-10 3-86541-228-9 / 3865412289
ISBN-13 978-3-86541-228-7 / 9783865412287
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