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Normal Child

Buch | Softcover

464 Seiten

1991 | 10th Revised edition

Churchill Livingstone (Verlag)

978-0-443-04455-7 (ISBN)


A revised edition with new chapters on helping a child to achieve its potential and on child health surveillance. Other chapters have been rewritten and revised. Special attention is paid to recognition of the "normal", particularly to variations not amounting to disease.
In this revised edition there are alterations and additions to the three chapters on breast feeding, with a discussion of infantile colic, rewritten chapters on physical growth, sleep problems, travel problems, the prevention of infection and the prevention of accidents, with completely new chapters on helping a child to achieve its potential and on the controversial matter of child health surveillance. Its 300 new references have been also been added. The author has continued to pay special attention to the recognition of the "normal" and particularly to variations from the normal not amounting to disease, and the reasons for those variations. This has applied particularly to physical growth, physical features, normal development, and all behaviour problems. In addition, during his years of paediatric experience the author recorded all the questions wich mothers asked him in his hospital practice and child health clinics, and in this book has tried to cover all their queries when they did not relate to actual diseases. Thus the book should be useful for family doctors, clinical medical officers, nurses, teachers and others concerned with child health.


Introduction: The Importance of Knowing the Normal. Normal Breast Feeding--Physiology, Chemistry and Advantages. Normal Breast Feeding and Weaning. Difficulties in Breast Feeding. Formula Feeding and Weaning. Weight and Height. The Head. The Mouth and Teeth. The Skin and Umbilicus. The Breasts and Genitalia. Miscellaneous Physical Conditions. Twins. The Normal Course of Development. Normal Development Variations and Reasons for Variations. General Development. Assessment and Diagnosis. The Basis of Behaviour. Discipline and Punishment. The Appetitie: Anorexia and Obesity. Sleep and Sleep Problems. Bladder and Bowels. Crying. Temper Tantrums. Breath-Holding Attacks. Miscellaneous Behaviour Problems. Learning Disorders, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Attention Deficit Disorders and Related Problems. The Young Schoolchild. Prevention of Common Infectious Diseases. Prevention of Accidents. Helping Children to Achieve Their Potential. Child Health Surveillence. Index


Vorwort Victor Dubowitz
Zusatzinfo 92 ills.
Sprache englisch
Maße 159 x 235 mm
Gewicht 790 g
Themenwelt Medizin / Pharmazie Klinik und Praxis Pädiatrie
ISBN-10 0-443-04455-4 / 0443044554
ISBN-13 978-0-443-04455-7 / 9780443044557
Zustand Neuware
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