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Usmle Road Map

Buch | Softcover


McGraw Hill Higher Education (Verlag)

978-0-07-124885-3 (ISBN)


Offers a way to ace the histology-related questions on the USMLE and course examinations. This title offers an illustrated approach to mastering histology. Clinical correlations, numerous tables and charts, and USMLE-style questions in clinical vignette format help students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
You'll never find an easier, more efficient, and more focused way to ace the histology-related questions on the USMLE and course examinations than the "USMLE Road Map". Designed to provide maximum learning in minimum time, this "USMLE Road Map" offers a concise, creative, and well-illustrated new approach to mastering histology Ideal for USMLE preparation and course review, the streamlined, easy-to-follow hierarchical outline format guides students through the most important aspects of each topic. The text is extensively illustrated to convey difficult-to-understand concepts. Clinical correlations, numerous tables and charts, and USMLE-style questions in clinical vignette format help students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.


Harold J. Sheedlo, PhD Department of Pathology and Anatomy Division of Cell Biology and Genetics University of North Texas Health Science Center


1.Cell Biology I.Cell Components II.Nucleus III.Cell Cycle IV.Cell Division V.Endoplasmic Reticulum VI.Ribosomes VII.Lysosomes VIII.Mitochondria IX.Peroxisomes Clinical Problems Answers 2.Epithelium I.Introduction -- Tissue II.Epithelial Tissue III.Classification of Epithelial Tissue IV.Epithelia -- Function and Distribution V.Epithelial Glands VI.Cell Surface Specializations VII.Cell-Cell Adhesion Clinical Problems Answers 3.Connective Tissue I.General Information II.Extracellular Matrix III.Cells of Connective Tissue IV.Classification of Connective Tissue Clinical Problems Answers 4.Cartilage I.General Information II.Cartilage Composition III.Types of Cartilage IV.Vascular and Nutritional Requirements Clinical Problems Answers 5.Bone I.General Information II.Composition of Bone III.Types of Bone IV.Long Bone Formation V.Hormones Acting on Bone Clinical Problems Answers 6.Muscle Tissue I.General Information II.Classification of Muscle III.Skeletal Muscle IV.Cardiac Muscle V.Smooth Muscle VI.Neuromuscular Junction Clinical Problems Answers 7.Central Nervous System I.General Information II.Neurons III.Glia IV.Nerve Fibers V.Node of Ranvier VI.Gray and White Matter VII.Meninges VIII.Choroid Plexus and Cerebrospinal Fluid Clinical Problems Answers 8.Peripheral Nervous System I.Nerve Fibers II.Nerves III.Ganglia IV.Autonomic Nervous System V.Degeneration and Regeneration of Nerve Tissue VI.Nerve Endings and Organs of Special Sense Clinical Problems Answers 9.Peripheral Blood I.Components of Blood II.Hematocrit III.Erythrocyte IV.Leukocytes V.Platelets Clinical Problems Answers 10.Hematopoiesis I.Hematopoiesis II.Erythropoiesis III.Granulopoiesis IV.Maturation of Lymphocytes V.Maturation of Monocytes Clinical Problems Answers 11. Cardiovascular System I.Components of Cardiovascular System II.Capillaries III.Layers of Vessels IV.Comparison of Companion Arteries and Veins V.Classification of Arteries VI.Classification of Veins VII.Heart Clinical Problems Answers 12.Immune System I.General Information II.Diffuse Lymphoid Tissue III.Nodular Lymphoid Tissue IV.Lymph Nodes V.Thymus VI.Spleen Clinical Problems Answers 13.Skin I.Functions of Skin II.Epidermis III.Cells of Skin IV.Melanin Synthesis V.Dermis VI.Hypodermis VII.Hair VIII.Glands of Skin Clinical Problems Answers 14.Gastrointestinal Tract and Accessory Organs I.General Information II.Salivary Glands III.Tongue IV.Esophagus V.Stomach VI.Small Intestine VII.Large Intestine VIII.Hormones Secreted by Cells of GI Tract and Their Function IX.Liver X.Gall Bladder XI.Exocrine Pancreas Clinical Problems Answers 15.Respiratory System I.Components of Respiratory System II.Respiratory Epithelium III.Nasal Cavity IV.Paranasal Sinuses V.Nasopharnyx VI.Larynx VII.Trachea VIII.Bronchial Tree Clinical Problems Answers 16.Urinary System I.Functions of Kidney II.Nephron III.Juxtaglomerular Apparatus IV.Urinary Tract Clinical Problems Answers 17.Endocrine Organs I.Pituitary Gland II.Thyroid Gland III.Parathyroid Gland IV.Pineal Gland V.Adrenal Gland VI.Endocrine Pancreas Clinical Problems Answers 18.Female Reproductive System I.Ovary II.Uterine Tube III.Uterus IV.Cervix V.Vagina VI.Mammary Gland Clinical Problems Answers 19.Male Reproductive System I.Testis II.Genital Ducts III.Auxiliary Genital Glands IV.Penis Clinical Problems Answers 20.Eye and Ear I.General Information - Eye II.Structures of Fibrous Tunic III.Structures of Vascular Tunic IV.Structures of Photoreceptor Tunic V.Lens VI.General Information - Ear VII.Inner Ear VIII.Cochlea IX.Organ of Corti Clinical Problems Answers


Sprache englisch
Maße 900 x 350 mm
Gewicht 372 g
Themenwelt Studium 1. Studienabschnitt (Vorklinik) Histologie / Embryologie
ISBN-10 0-07-124885-4 / 0071248854
ISBN-13 978-0-07-124885-3 / 9780071248853
Zustand Neuware
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