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Martha Gellhorn - Caroline Moorehead

Martha Gellhorn

Buch | Hardcover

560 Seiten


Chatto & Windus (Verlag)

978-0-7011-6951-0 (ISBN)


This is a biography of Martha Gellhorn, who reported many of the flashpoints of the 20th century, witnessing the Depression, the Spanish Civil War, covering the fall of Czechoslovakia and the Normandy landings, the liberation of Dachau and the Nuremburg Trials.
Martha Gellhorn's reporting tracks many of the flashpoints of the 20th century: witnessing the Depression in a state of righteous fury, risking her life in the Spanish Civil War, and in the Second World War covering the fall of Czechoslovakia and the Normandy Landings, the liberation of Dachau and the Nuremberg Trials. She reported from Vietnam and Israel; and at the age of 81, she was covering the US invasion of Panama. All her life, Martha fought against injustice. She was influenced by two older women: her mother, who was a social reformer, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Her books of reporting and travel reflected her personality and courage, her novels her shrewd and ironic eye; both were often very funny. Martha died in 1998; at last the true story can be told. This fascinating book reveals much about her life and loves, and is based on primary source material which no previous biographer has seen.


Caroline Moorehead is the biographer of Bertrand Russell, Freya Stark and Iris Origo. She is well known for her work in human rights and has published a history of the International Committee of the Red Cross. She lives in London and is currently writing a book about refugees, entitled Human Cargo.


The journalist and novelist Martha Gellhorn, despite her many talents and achievements, is still known primarily as the third wife of writer Ernest Hemingway. Though dealing with similar themes in their work - the injustices faced by the poor, the insanity of war, the courage of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances - Gellhorn's writing, though read by millions at the time, is largely out of print and it is this fact, perhaps, that has caused her fascinating and unusual life to be overlooked until now. A privileged American of German heritage, Gellhorn spurned the usual restrictions on female correspondents during the momentous events of the 1930's and 40's, travelling around the globe to cover war, famine and depression, chronicling the minutiae of human suffering in aunique and personal correspondence. She travelled through the American dustbowls of Oklahoma and California during the depression, wrote from the front lines of the Spanish civil war, and fought and bought her way across Europe during World War II to place her subjective, heartfelt accounts of world conflict alongside the glorified and often egocentric words of writers like Hemingway. Unstoppable, she continued to work well into her 80's, covering such world-changing events as the Vietnam war and Israel's invasion of Lebanon. Caroline Moorehead, the biographer's biographer, has succeeded once again with this lively, detailed work on one of America's most spirited and courageous war correspondents. (Kirkus UK)


Illustrationen Robert Capa
Zusatzinfo 16pp b&w photographs
Sprache englisch
Maße 163 x 242 mm
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Themenwelt Literatur Biografien / Erfahrungsberichte
Sozialwissenschaften Kommunikation / Medien Journalistik
ISBN-10 0-7011-6951-6 / 0701169516
ISBN-13 978-0-7011-6951-0 / 9780701169510
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